Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Patchwork Cotton Fabric: Madras Checks

Lots of patchwork fabric,cotton patchwork madras check fabric to be more precise, made their way into our warehouses recently.

We came across these new stocklots of beautiful check patterns in patchwork,and the fabric was a light-medium cotton fabric in 44 inches width.
These turned out to be ideal for anything from boxer shorts to purses and handbags, to belts,shoes and just about anything that could be covered in fabric.

So,we thought we'd stock up our little online fabric store with these square-faced fabrics,and boy what a hit they were.
Everyone seems to want a piece of these.I dont blame them-there's soft pastel pinks and greens and yellows,to bold blues,reds and just about everything to have anyone's imagination going.

These fabrics are ideal as quilting fabric too as pointed out by one imaginatrix,who seemed to want to see one in everybody's bed or else....
We were excited too to say the least.

Its just something about cotton fabrics that give you that feel of summer in the air.Plus these patchwork fabrics just look like so many fabrics in one piece of yardage.
Its like looking at so many fabrics all at once.

We've been told that some cant wait to see these fabrics transformed into their next pair of boxer shorts, handbags & some other kinky stuff as well.

I think you better check these fabrics online at:

store.fabrics-textiles.com (Cotton Patchwork Madras Check Fabrics)

I think you would love us a bit more after we made you meet these square-faced fabricky friends of ours.