Friday, September 29, 2006

Cottons & other fabrics from India

Brush Cotton Checks in 44W from INDIA

Check out this fabric.
Its a brush cotton in 44 inches width and ideal for shirts,dresses, skirts or as linings.
It has a nice cosy feel to it.

These are some fabrics you see in plenty when you travel to South India.
It is a hub of Cotton in various shades, patterns and widths.

There's nothing you wont find in cottons here for your next quilting, crafts, apparel or fashion projects.

For sewing lovers, a trip to India is a must.
Lots of fabrics in all to offer apart from cottons as well.
Farbics from India are getting a boost nowadays with all the quota restrictions imposed on Chinese imports into USA.
This has already caused a jump in the exports of Indian fabrics like cottons to USA manyfold.

So,before you see the fabrics from India hit shelves and show up on fashion lines next to you,and that too at untouchable prices,it would be wise to either make a trip down to India, OR to call that old contact you had back there in the fabrics business, an dask for some latest samples.

Happy Hunting!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Anyone know if China sells retail


I was wondering if anyone knew if China sells most items it exports in retail as well?

I mean there must be markets in China which cater to the retail buyer who wants to buy anything-lets say fabrics and textiles, in retail.1 Yard,10 yards,50 yards.

We keep getting people asking for some items from China which we dont stock as well but know where to procurre from yet when you talk to the guys in China,its nothing less than a 1000yards usually.

I mean there must be some regular wholesale stores and shops or retail stores in cities such as Shanghai and Beijing and other big cities.

I believe the various provinces of China only specialise in particular items and that too mostly its the factories that exist and supply in bulk.

It would be an amazing opportunity if the Chinese were to open up their retail markets to the world as well,instead of just selling wholesale.
This would mean that apart from only Chinese factories,the stores and wholesalers would have to enter the market.

Ecommerce could be the best way forward for them if they want to approach the world markets in retail direct-to-customer.

Whats surprissing is that when you search google for fabric or textile suppliers from China,its the same vendors and the same directories with the same vendors , that always come up.

This is the case with India too,which i mention because it is another major textile vendor to the hungry buyers of USA/Europe and the rest of the world.

I think its time retailers from such markets come forward to be global vendors of various items in retail.A potential surely exists.

Which brings me back to my question-anyone know of any such vendors???

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Caught among cottons

Lots of cottons in prints like florals, paisleys, kids prints, blocks, chikan work, applique (Ideal for quilting) surround me as i walk through the fabric hub markets of India on my visit there this month.

Whats exciting is that they are priced so cheap,and they are available just 1 yard onwards.
In India, cottons are the staple fabric, and can be found just about anywhere, even if its not the biggest fabric market you are standing in.
Its because the weather in India makes cotton the ideal fabric for just about anything from shirts to tops to beddings and furnishings.

Its a fabric that allows your skin to breathe unlike polyesters and acrylics which wrap you r skin like bubble packaging.

In fact,India has so much cotton to offer that i hear form people in China that even the biggest textile mills there order their base cotton yarn from India at times,for both reasons-that its cheaper in India and that its better in India.

So,whats to stop you from getting yours the next time that quilting or crafts project comes to mind,or if its just the unexpected heat of California/NewYork you're trying to escape.
Especially,since the fabric actually makes any garment look beautiful and that too at such as low cost.

So,go get some and if you dont know how,ask me and i'll give you the source for some of the best cottons for your quitling or crafts or fashion/apparell project.A source that sells 1 yard onwards, is flexible about sending samples, lets you pay locally in your country and can offer some of the most enticing fabrics.

Go work on it first if you want it bad (:

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Silk dupioni-the versatile fabric

Dupioni is a fabric that wins hands down when it comes to versatility of use.
Not only does it make an excellent fabric for use in high-fashion apparel, but also works wonders as drapery, upholstery, cushion-making etc.

Silk dupioni comes in various kinds.
In India, there are several kinds of silk dupioni on offer.
There is the handloom and the powerloom variety for instance.The handloom dupioni when made using India silk yarn, produces a fabric which is highly slubbed and irregular in its texture.
Just the way traditional silk dupioni always was.
The handloom dupioni made from Chinese yarn is smoother.
The dupioni made on powerlooms using chinese yarns is the smoothest, sometimes making it hard to spot the characteristic slubs.
And finally powerloom dupioni can also be made using Indian yarns,in which case the slubbed effect is higher than in fabric spun out of Indian yarn.
India has a myriad of silk to offer and in Indian dupioni alone one can find endless solors, patterns, embroideries, jacquards, and prints.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lots of winter fashion fabrics

With the fall season around the corner, expect lots of fleece, faux furs, crochet knits, boiled-wools, and other knit fabrics for women, and lots of woolen suitings for men.Blends of poly-wool, alongwith wool-finish fabrics are in.
They make a classy statement,along with not costing the earth.

India has always been strong in natural fibers such as wool and knits,and there's lots to choose from there.
Lots of vendors in the Northern part of India offer a vast selection of knits, fleece,woolens and lots more.

Some even provide retail quantities from 1 yard onwards with shipping not costing you more than $8-10 per package of 2.20 pounds weight.

Thats a steal,especially when you can pay online (Paypal), or with USA checks/orders/money transfers OR simply in cash at your doorstep.

This is something being coined as retail imports by some,except without the hassels of import--no customs, no duties, no ports, no documentation.JUST THE FABRICS delivered to you at you doorstep.
Its actually plain simple e-commerce.

BUT, a word of caution though-trust only vendors with reliability, and a past record of successful customer-relations.
Also,look for vendors who have give you the advantages of local payments, local contact, and YET--Global prices,even without the quantities.

That word--QUANTITY is actually quite an easy word to HATE.
When you're buying in volumes,quantities are to your advantage.
BUT what if you want to buy without worrying about HOW MUCH to buy.

What if its only a yard or 10 yards of fabric or anything you need.
Thats when you turn to a vendor who says:


One such online fabrics store is

They provide fabrics sourced from INDIA, CHINA & the rest of Asia.

-They have no minimums
-Sampling is FREE
-Delivery is fast
-Shipping is LOW
-Locally contactable in USA/Canada
1-877-294-7111 (USA / Canada Toll-Free)

GO ON, Splurge on beautiful cottons, silks, furs, prints, embroideries, jacquards, knits, drapery, tassels, trims,and Terry-towels.

More coming soon on the latest in knit fabrics sourced from India.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Winters are closing in and as mother bears stock up for the chill so are the mother of all design companies,and the hot-stuff available is silk dupioni, boiled wool jersey, bright single-brushed fleece, taffeta, and knits in general.

So,grab hold of a few real fast.

We have some in stock.REMEMBER-Samples are for FREE! check if you want some real bad.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

ATLANTIS FABRICS-Proudly serving the designers & fabric-thirsty of the USA

Fabrics for Fashion Designers / Quilters / Dressmakers / Interior Designers is your own fabrics store at your desk, with a wide selection of silk fabrics, georgette fabric, dupioni fabric, taffeta fabric, habotai fabric, crepe fabric, satin fabric, jacquard fabric, chiffon fabric, cotton fabric, polyester fabric, fabric with hand/machine embroidery as well as Tassels, Trims, Cushion-covers, Wall-hangings, Terry Towels, Gowns and loads of other accessories sourced by our India sourcing office.

Whether it's a one-time need or an ongoing love-affair, we value your being here, and would love to add to your already fabulous collection of fabrics, and that too, at very good prices.

Whether its wholesale / bulk fabrics or if its retail fabric quantities you need, fits the bill.

If shopping for fabrics online is what you love doing or do it as a part of what you do, is the place to be.

Whether you're a fashion designer / dressmaker / homemaker / quilter / costumier / fashion school, or simply a fabric enthusiast, will make sure you have a complete fabrics store at your desk. Whether you need fabrics from India, China, or Europe, there's a good chance you'll find it here.

Whether it's a fortune you want to spend or a bargain that you want.... Nah! we can only help you if a bargain is what you want.

OR CALL: 1-877-294-7111 (USA Toll-Free)

fashion designers choosing fabrics from INDIA-Finally something thats not China

in the past years, tons of fashion designers and fabric enthusiasts have been taking the trip down the silk route,except the stoppage this time is also at INDIA.

The rush to China for fabrics and textiles seems to have led to an overlooking of India as a textiles and fabrics source for the needs of the fashion industry worldwide.

Its interesting to see though how much India has to offer in the realm of fabrics and textiles.

China might be the factory of the world, producing in mass what buyers in the West specify. India however has a 2-fold advantage.
India not only offers the capability to mass-produce fabrics/textiles as per specifications of design houses, but rather also offers unique fabrics/textiles which have been produced specifically in India since centuries and have moved from being local crafts to national treasures on offer.

If textiles is what you do, then a visit to India is a must.
Here, the markets are flooded with traditional fabrics, natural weaves, exotic silks, hand-embroideries, hand-paintings, batik etc.

Not only can you find volume sellers here, but also lots of retail sellers of fabrics that can cater to your customized needs alongwith offering you the uniqueness of India.

we just had a bevy of designers coming down,and they left pretty impressed with the variety of fabrics, trims, tassels, hand-embroidery, beading, batiks, traditional crafts such as glass/wood embellishments etc.