Friday, September 29, 2006

Cottons & other fabrics from India

Brush Cotton Checks in 44W from INDIA

Check out this fabric.
Its a brush cotton in 44 inches width and ideal for shirts,dresses, skirts or as linings.
It has a nice cosy feel to it.

These are some fabrics you see in plenty when you travel to South India.
It is a hub of Cotton in various shades, patterns and widths.

There's nothing you wont find in cottons here for your next quilting, crafts, apparel or fashion projects.

For sewing lovers, a trip to India is a must.
Lots of fabrics in all to offer apart from cottons as well.
Farbics from India are getting a boost nowadays with all the quota restrictions imposed on Chinese imports into USA.
This has already caused a jump in the exports of Indian fabrics like cottons to USA manyfold.

So,before you see the fabrics from India hit shelves and show up on fashion lines next to you,and that too at untouchable prices,it would be wise to either make a trip down to India, OR to call that old contact you had back there in the fabrics business, an dask for some latest samples.

Happy Hunting!!

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