Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Madras Plaid fabrics coming your way

We thought our madras patchwork made people so crazy, so why not the madras plaids, without the patchwork.Have you seen these?
Fabtabulous madras plaid patterns are available in 100% mill-made cotton woven tightly,to give that soft feel as smooth as paper.
The criss-cross of the madras check patterns coupled with the smoothness of these fabrics makes them so ideal for summer wear.

So, whether its childrens clothing, or mens apparel, or womens shirts, skirts, or bags/totes, this madras fabric is so ideal.
And, these are mostly available in 57-58 inch widths, making them seem endless.

Madras plaids, or so we have been told, are the perfect summer wear, and no wonder this coming Spring-summer collections of many fashion designers, will be splashed with lots of madras plaid fabrics.

Why not grab them early on, at: Atlantis Madras Fabrics.
AND, for an even wider collection of Madras plaid fabrics available with us, visit our Google gallery of wholesale madras fabrics.