Sunday, October 14, 2007

Preppy fashion is the talk of town, and madras patchwork is its language

Preppy fashion is the talk of town, and madras patchwork is its language.

Nothing expresses the preppy look better than madras fabric, especially in its patchwork avatar.

So, what exactly is preppy fashion?

Preppy was a term used to describe well-off, ivy-league or university-preparation school going young, trendy people.

In a fashion sense, the word preppy is used to denote clothing/accessories from more conservative brands in fashion and a conservative style of clothing characterised in clothing by using madras checks and stripes for making shirts, and khaki trousers.

Madras fabric, however, has always been seen as the ultimate expression of the preppy look. Its the myriad of checks and stripes in madras, that accentuate preppy sophisticated look.

Madras fabric can be used for clothing/apparel/accessories just on its own, or one can couple 2-3 madras fabrics, and sew them into patchwork, which adds a bold attractive look to the already sophisticated madras.

Madras is now being used to make hand-bags, tote-bags, womens belts, head-bands, wrist-bands,mens shirts, pants, jackets, and even file covers.

For 2007 and 2008, madras patchwork is definitely a fashion trend that has cemented its place to stay.

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