Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bamboo Fabric like Bamboo Rib, Jersey and Bamboo poplin are in

Allright- the latest in bamboo fabric is in at Atlantis Fabrics.Atlantis now offers bamboo fabrics like bamboo jersey, bamboo rib, and bamboo plain weave poplin.

These are available in stock in white, and natural (undyed) colors.And, these can be custom dyed in any color using azo-free (low impact) dyes.

Bamboo fabric is known for its anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties.This makes it ideal for clothing for children, babies, women, and men too-why not!

Bamboo fabric is also good for the Earth, and is better for the soil in which it grows.In fact it consumes very little ground water to grow, and does not need the kind of pesticides cotton farming asks for.

One must, however, know the difference between Organic and Natural.
Bamboo is a natural fiber, like cotton also.However, bamboo, due to the its properties, and its earth-friendliness, is a much better alternative to using regular cotton.
Cotton is a natural fiber too, however, it is the most pesticide-consuming crop, and therefore, damages the earth, and also has undesirable effects on people wearing it, due to contact with skin.

However, Organic means a fiber has been grown using no pesticides, chemicals,etc, right from growing the crop till making the fiber, and dyeing/printing it, or atleast the content of chemicals used should be as per the norms set by agencies such as SKAL, CU and others, that are the upholders of organic standards worldwide.

Mostly, cotton is now being manufactured organic.Which means that the cotton crops are being grown the traditional way, without using fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals.
Bamboo, on the other hand, is only a natural fiber, and currently, there is no way of certifying bamboo fabric as being organic.Its only a natural fiber & fabric.But since it uses low amounts of chemicals, and since its properties are very human friendly, and earth friendly, it really does not need to be 100% organic.

Make sure that the bamboo fabric has been dyed/printed using permissible inks and dyes such as azo-free dyes/inks, and vegetable dyes.

Atlantis Fabrics offers its bamboo fabrics either in natural/undyed form, or dyed using vegetable dyes, and azo-free dyes.

You can see Atlantis Bamboo and Organic cotton Fabrics here:


Blanket America said...

They are very good cotton fabrics and is very good for the summer specially for office wear also.


Austin said...

Yes, it is true that bamboo is a natural fiber and very good product to wear. I prefer wearing bamboo clothes as it healthier, natural and durable. Being a organic product, it is environment friendly.