Sunday, August 12, 2007

Madras Fabric in patch is so hot this year!!

Madras Fabric in patch / patchwork madras fabric is just seeming to turn out like a fashion have-to-do this year.
We started offering this madras fabric as an experiment 2 years back,and though the preppy look would catch on well with some folks,but it seems madras patchwork fabric is something everyone wants and for seemingly different purposes.

There is the folks who want to make shirts and pants or capris out of these.Then there are some who cant get enough of the accessories like madras headbands,madras wristbands,madras belts,madras boots,madras shoes,madras flip flops etc.
And then there are some who want to make madras patchwork fabric quilts, madras skirts, madras shorts, and even madras fabric linings for just about anything.

The best part about this fabric is that it just is so cool-and not only in the the way it looks,but even that the madras fabric is actually 100% cotton fabric that is made in the heart of summer country--the city of madras India.

So,its no surprise that the nantucket look is back and is not just limited to nantucket.
We have been finding madras to be ultra-hot in entire Massachusetts, Florida, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, New York, and California all at the same time.

Stores like Atlantis Fabrics, have even started offering wholesale options to buy the fabric direct from their India sourcing warehouse,and they actually offer better pricing that way.Plus minimums to buy fabric direct from their India warehouse start at only 150 yards.Not bad !!

Anywho, whatever happens, and wherever you buy Madras from, make sure you do, before the only one not looking preppy chic is you.

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