Friday, August 17, 2007

Patchwork Madras Fabric

How many times do we have to tell you that patchwork madras fabric is hot....dont you get it?Why cant you get it?Its a no-brainer.
Thats what we have to tell our vendors-literally.That patchwork madras fabric is hot and is here to stay,and that our customers want more and more.So,we are literally scolding them to make more of it.
But they are doing a good job.These patchwork madras fabrics are made in India mostly atleast.
So, what is patchwork madras fabric?
Patchwork madras fabric is basically what used to be madras fabric from India, cut and sewn into patches of 3,4 or 5 inch sized squares.
Nowadays, the Madras fabric is essentially yarn-dyed madras check pattern in cotton fabrics, without the traditional bleeding quality of older day madras fabric.

Patchwork madras fabric is being used by companies like Gap clothing, banana republic, J.crew, Ralph Lauren (Polo), bettz designs,, ida claire, cape madras and boxercraft, in their collections in everything from mens shorts/shirts, womens skirts, belts,handbags, tote bags,wristbands, head bands, and shoes.

Patchwork madras clothing/apparel can be bought at any of the above stores, and if you are in love with just the fabric and want to buy some, visit:

Patchwork Madras Fabric Store for the widest ever variety in patchwork madras fabric.
They sell retail by the yard, and wholesale in 2 ways: From the US and direct from India as well.

And they have all other fabrics like cotton prints,quilting fabric, organic cotton fabric, bamboo fabric, linen, jute, knits etc.

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