Sunday, August 12, 2007

Organic cotton fabric is making waves...

Organic cotton fabric is so crazily making waves.It looks like the US and Australia are the ones to catch onto the trend the most.
In USA, organic cotton fabric is being used to make anything from baby-wear to diapers, bedspreads, sheets, womens apparel, mens clothing, yoga clothing, yoga mats,and lots more things.

Organic cotton can be bought from the USA, which is one of the largest if not the largest producer of organic cotton fabric in the world.Turkey is another big market and of course, India and the Asian belt including Pakistan are the other suppliers of organic cotton fabric.

Organic cotton is not only good for the environment and the planet in the sense that it frees up our soil system and the food chain of all those nasty chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides. But it is actually very healthy for our own selves.

For example, organic cotton fabric is ideal for people with skin allergies.CLothing from Regular fabrics like cottons treated with chemicals, cause severe rashes and allergies in people with skin conditions.

However, wearing apparel made from organic cotton fabric is ideal for such people because they can finally feel fabric on their skin which is not treated with chemicals.

Plus, organic cotton is now so widely available in various weaves like knits (jersey, fleece, terry), oxford, canvas, poplin, etc.

And another fabric which can be added to your wardrobe along with organic cotton, is bamboo fabric,made from bamboo fibers.
In fact a lot of the organic cotton fabric is being blended with bamboo fibers to make a mix of organic cotton/bamboo fabric.

If you are looking for organic cotton fabrics in USA, leave a message with Atlantis Fabrics, and they offer organic cottons custom woven for you on order, with minimums as low as 70 yards per pattern/color.
Plus, they also carry various organic cotton fabrics in stock anytime.

Its time to go green , and that too in the color of your choice.

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